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"I Sell Self Esteem"

I took a local WIBO (Workshop In Business Opportunities) course when I decided to start this barbershop business. One of the early exercises toward developing our business' identity was for us to take turns saying what we sold...

I thought to myself, "I'm a barber...what the heck do I sell?!?!?" Thankfully I had about 10-12 other entrepreneurs before me. I continued thinking, "Ok...I sell hair grease, incense that I make, soaps, accessories...No, No, No!!...that doesn't say anything about barbering or what my business is really about!". I panicked!!...My turn was now 3 classmates away! I took a breath...relaxed...and thought about my clients...

I quickly visualized them coming in and sitting in my chair, then visualized their reactions after seeing their new kut...It's now my turn to speak and I GOT IT!!! "I Sell Self Esteem.", I said with pride. My instructor smiled, congratulating my answer. He said he had no idea what I could possibly say (LOL) and my classmates nodded their heads in agreement.

I will never forget that day. That answer has been one of the major driving forces for why it's important to me to have a shop where all of the hair care professionals provide extraordinary service and constantly refine their skills.

- Khane Kutzwell

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CRKutz News

Barbers Wanted

If you're looking for a great work environment and a place where your clients will feel comfortable  then your chair awaits your arrival! 

*kut Packages*

Check out our special kut packages great for pampering yourself or someone else...

  • Kut & Wash: $30 - $50
  • Kut, Wash & Facial: $45 - $65
  • Facials: $15 - $35

See our detailed full line of Kut Packages in the 'Pamper Me' section when booking.

The CRKutz Krew

The hair care professionals at Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. are a well rounded Krew with diverse backgrounds and the same goals in mind when it comes to your hair...making sure you get the kut you want and creating a comfortable atmosphere while treating you with respect in the process.


"Been going to Camera Ready Kutz for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else in NYC for a haircut. :)"

- Kayla Galaway, Satisfied Client -