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"I Sell Self Esteem"

I took a local WIBO (Workshop In Business Opportunities) course when I decided to start this barbershop business. One of the early exercises toward developing our business' identity was for us to take turns saying what we sold...

I thought to myself, "I'm a barber...what the heck do I sell?!?!?" Thankfully I had about 10-12 other entrepreneurs before me. I continued thinking, "Ok...I sell hair grease, incense that I make, soaps, accessories...No, No, No!!...that doesn't say anything about barbering or what my business is really about!". I panicked!!...My turn was now 3 classmates away! I took a breath...relaxed...and thought about my clients...

I quickly visualized them coming in and sitting in my chair, then visualized their reactions after seeing their new kut...It's now my turn to speak and I GOT IT!!! "I Sell Self Esteem.", I said with pride. My instructor smiled, congratulating my answer. He said he had no idea what I could possibly say (LOL) and my classmates nodded their heads in agreement.

I will never forget that day. That answer has been one of the major driving forces for why it's important to me to have a shop where all of the hair care professionals provide extraordinary service and constantly refine their skills.

- Khane Kutzwell

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*kut Packages*

Check out our special kut packages great for pampering yourself or someone else...

  • Kut & Wash: $30 - $50
  • Kut, Wash & Facial: $45 - $65
  • Facials: $15 - $35

See our detailed full line of Kut Packages in the 'Pamper Me' section when booking.

The CRKutz Krew


The hair care professionals at Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. are a well rounded Krew with diverse backgrounds and the same goals in mind when it comes to your hair...making sure you get the kut you want and creating a comfortable atmosphere while treating you with respect in the process.

CRKutz News


The CRKutz, Inc. Monthly Giving Program

Every month we raise funds for individuals with various needs...Top Surgery, Help with Rent, Business Idea, Artistic Project, Help with Kids, etc. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $500 per month and to achieve this we need your continuous help. You can donate at the shop during your appointment or right here on the site by clicking the "Donate Today" button below.

At the beginning & end of each month we will announce the person and their cause that we are raising funds for.

Thanks In Advance for Your Donations,
The CRKutz, Inc. Krew

our September Give-Back goes to you!!

$5 off all Facials all month long...unlimited.

As a Thank You for your generous donations last month which helped us give away 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to various family shelters in Brooklyn and to also give you a break with the new school year starting, we would like to give you $5 off any facial all month long as many times as you want!!

Because of you we were able to surpass our original goal of 48 backpacks and give away 100 instead. We thank you all!!

We will be back with another fundraiser in October. In the meantime if you are just feeling in a giving mood any donation you make this month will go towards saving up to fix the basement and backyard of the shop. The basement will be renovated to house a tattoo artist, masseuse or any other practitioner for your use. The backyard will be cleaned and built out for your enjoyment. We plan to have small events/shows/parties out there.

Thanks In Advance....

Donate Today
"If you would like to be a recipient or would like to recommend someone to receive one of our Monthly Givings contact us today with the name, description of need, email address and or phone number of the possible recipient." -Khane Kutzwell

"Been going to Camera Ready Kutz for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else in NYC for a haircut. :)"

- Kayla Galaway, Satisfied Client -