Khane Kutzwell

master barber | Tonsorial Artist | owner

Camera Ready Kutz, Inc.


The Origin Story...

Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. was Established November 2007 by Trinidad born/Brooklyn-based Master Barber and entrepreneur, Khane Kutzwell. Khane’s passion for barbering started after hearing stories from LGBTQIA folks about sub-par treatment at neighborhood barbershops. Some were being denied service, there were complaints of hateful treatment and comments made and not getting the type of hairkut they asked for. Determined to create a place where EVERYONE could safely and comfortably enjoy the classic barbershop experience, Khane enrolled in a barbering program, turned one of her bedrooms into a shop and has been cutting hair ever since -- not only in NYC, but also in California, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore & New Jersey.

"AMAZING!! I haven't stopped receiving compliments and head turns from friends, coworkers and strangers on the street! I haven't felt this fabulous and beautiful in a LONG TIME! Khane is a magic worker and very sweet and welcoming!! I will definitely keep booking appointments with her! "

- Victoria Vega, Satisfied Client -