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Light loves hair. As a young adult, Light would lock herself in the bathroom and hack herself a new cut, eyes closed, holding her breath, hoping for the best. She has always loved receiving home haircuts from friends with varying degrees of professionalism, taking pleasure in the comfort, creativity, and intimacy of diy cuts. At 13 years old Light went to see her fathers barber for her first ever buzz cut. The experience was awkward and uncomfortable. Nobody could understand why she wanted a “men’s haircut.” For years after this initial experience, Light remained uncomfortable in male dominant barber shops. It was many years later, when a friend referred Light to a queer, femme professional barber that she began to enjoy the experience of receiving a professional, precision haircut in a barbershop. This was a turning point. Light found a reflection of herself in her barber and this person helped Light to see herself more clearly. For the first time in her life, Light committed to regular haircuts as an investment in herself. She developed an intimate friendship with her barber, and when Light began to feel the need for a career transition, her barber encouraged her to see what it was like on the other side of the chair. 

Thanks to the encouragement  of her barber, friends, and family Light enrolled in barber school in July 2018 and graduated four months later on October 30th, the day before her birthday. Serendipitously, Khane Kutzwell paid a visit to the school just before Light graduated and generously extended Light a booth at Camera Ready Kutz. This shop is the perfect balance of the warmth and intimacy of a home, and the high quality and professionalism of a top tier barbershop. Light is grateful to be here, and ready to help you look your best.

Outside the shop, catch Light cooking up a storm in the kitchen, sweating on the dance floor, or singing up a storm at the local karaoke bar.


- Light’S SCHEDULE -

  • MONDAY: day Off


  • WEDNESDAY: 2p - 8p

  • THURSDAY: 12p - 8P

  • FRIDAY: Day Off

  • SATURDAY: 12p - 6P

  • SUNDAY: Day Off

- Specialties -

  • Fades

  • Shears Kutz

  • Obscure Kutz

- Vacation Days -


Other Businesses, Side Hustles & Hobbies: Chef | Modern Dancer | Amateur Herbalist | Karaoke

The light of a candle is not diminished if it’s used to light the flame of another.
— Unknown