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PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun): My name or whatever you feel from me


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West Indian Day Parade - Trini 2d Bone!!

West Indian Day Parade - Trini 2d Bone!!

Photo by Dapper Q

Photo by Dapper Q

Born in Trinidad, raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, this Brooklyn-based Celebrity Master Barber, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur, Khane Kutzwell, is living out one of her goals by creating Camera Ready Kutz, Inc.; an open and inviting space where people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations can comfortably get grooming services. Khane’s barbering adventure started after hearing personal stories from her friends in the LGBTQIA community about their experiences with sub-par treatment at neighborhood barbershops. Some were being straight up denied service, there were also complaints of hateful treatment, derogatory comments made and not getting the type of hairkut they asked for. She also started hearing these stories from straight women and later on even from teenage boys and straight men who feel like they have exhibit a hyper-masculine personality just to walk inside a barbershop. Determined to create a place where EVERYONE could safely and comfortably enjoy the barbershop experience, Khane enrolled in a barbering program at ABI (American Barber Institute), turned one of her bedrooms into a shop and has been cutting hair ever since -- not only in NYC, but also in California, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore & New Jersey. For 10 years everywhere she lived, she would turn one of her bedrooms into a barbershop and grew her clientele. In December of 2017, with the help of a client and his family, Khane was able to open a brick and mortar location for Camera Ready Kutz, Inc.


- Khane’s Schedule -

  • Monday: 10a - 6p

  • Tuesday: 8a - 8p

  • Wednesday: 10A - 6p

  • Thursday: 8a - 8p

  • Friday: 8a - 8p

  • Saturday: 8a - 8p

  • Sunday: 10a - 6p

- Vacation Days -


  • Dezigns

  • Fauxhawks

  • Fades

  • Big Chops

  • Facialz

  • Razor Work

  • Fixing Home Kut Mess-ups

  • Hair Units / Non-Surgical Hair REPLACEMENTS

  • Loc Maintenance

  • Beard Maintenance


Other Businesses, Side Hustles & Hobbies: Euphoric Scents - High Quality Hand-Dipped Charcoal Incense | Motivational Speaking | Martial Arts | Sign Up for AirBnB | Get Awesome Razors & other “at home” shaving products delivered to your door with Harry’s | Party Promoter

“Rid Yourself of ALL Excuses and Watch the Magic Happen...”
— Shuga Khane Kutzwell