Fadez By Fay

Fadez By Fay

Master Barber | Tonsorial Artist

PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun): She, Her or My name


• c. 815.370.4948 | em. FadezByFay@gmail.com | ig. @FadezByFay •

I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, moved to Seattle, wa for 3 years to be near family and then moved to New Jersey where I’ve resided for the past 4 years. I graduated from Beauty school 10 years ago but didn’t get the opportunity to learn how to cut men’s hair so with passion and determination  Ive invested a lot of time throughout the years teaching myself how to Barber. Becoming a Licensed Master  Barber has been my dream and a few months ago I was able to go back to school and fulfill that. 

I am someone who loves connecting with people, making them laugh and adding positivity to their lives. Being a barber allows me to invest into others while doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. 

While getting a cut you will always hear me singing and notice what a love for music I have, singing is my other passion and what brings me joy! I love to express my creativity through things that make me unique and I Love to encourage my clients to do the same! My faith in God is extremely important to me and I’m always praying that from the moment I greet you to when you get up from my chair that you feel encouraged, accepted and confident that you’re looking your best! 



  • MONDAY: 12p - 8p

  • TUESDAY: 10a - 8:30p

  • WEDNESDAY: Day Off

  • THURSDAY: 11a - 8p

  • FRIDAY: 10a - 8p

  • SATURDAY: 9a - 6:30p




  • Designs

  • Razor Work

  • Lineups

  • Beard & Stache Work

  • Women’s Short Kutz



Other Businesses, Side Hustles & Hobbies: Singing | drawing | trying new places to eat | playing sports 

Do or Do Not...There is no Try.
— Yoda