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E. The Barber

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Bartender Swagger

Bartender Swagger



Imagine it’s Friday night and you just get out of work. You made big plans with a bunch of people earlier in the week and the time has finally come. You cashed your check, got your outfit picked out and the shoes to match. All you need now is a fresh cut and you’re good to go! You walk by one barber shop and reach to open the door but it’s locked. You see barbers and customers inside so you knock...only to be met with fingers waving no and hand gesture that say keep it moving. Okay, keep walking. You hear some loud thumping music coming from down the block so you naturally walk towards it cuz you wanna see what’s going on and boom! Another barber shop! You look in the window and see 1 person getting a cut but about 12 dudes hangin around smoking hookah and the one barber that is working is taking a break to sip a Corona. What??? You walk in anyway cuz it’s getting late and you don’t have much time. Everyone turns to look at you and stops what they’re doing. You hear some inaudible chatter and snickers and are immediately uncomfortable. The kind of feeling that evokes that “fight, flight or freeze” response. I froze but I knew if I didn’t get a cut now I wouldn’t get one in time to go out. I approach one barber who’s sitting down and ask if he took walk ins and he begrudgingly said yes. I took a deep breath and sat down. I told him the kind of cut I wanted and he nodded ok. While he was cutting he kept stopping to look at his phone and chat with the other guys. They were speaking Spanish and I couldn’t understand all of it but the bits and pieces I picked up were crass and that’s being polite. I get my haircut once a week and I’ve always been fascinated by the culture but in that moment I knew that I wanted to actually pursue barbering. I thought about all the humans in my community and how uneasy they might feel in spaces like the one I was in. The barber that cut my hair did a great job in terms of cutting but the atmosphere and energy in the shop made me never go back.  All I wanna do is make make people feel warm and welcomed when they sit in my chair and the vibe inside Camera Ready Kutz allows me to do just that while making you look fresh! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work along side major talent in this safe space!



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“My faith for a better future is in the people who are turning the idea of unconditional love into a way of life”
— Yung Pueblo