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Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. Presents…

Morris, Harris, Dacey, Coleman Fund


Every few months we raise funds for individuals with various needs...Top Surgery, Help with Rent, Business Idea, to Pay a Bill, Artistic Project, Help with Kids, a Hobbie, etc. You can donate at the shop during your appointment or right here on the site by clicking the "Donate Today" button below.
We chose to collect for individuals instead of organizations because we want to make a DIRECT difference. We also know that sometimes you just need a break...a hand...a windfall...a little cash to get you over a hump without having to pay it back. You can nominate yourself or someone else for one of our givings below.

“I came up with the idea for this giving program after years of trying to figure out how I could best give back to the community, both the LGBTQIA & Brooklyn community. I couldn’t find any organizations I fully trusted and also felt like on my own I would not be able to make a difference on the scale I imagined in my head. Finally it came to me…One day I was thinking about people who have helped me, people who did not even know me well, but believed in my vision of opening a storefront location for a different type of barbershop. I thought about how they all made a huge difference in my life on a personal level..….A Personal Level..*thinking*…A Personal Level…I GOT IT!! I may not be able to give on a large level by myself, but if I enlisted the help of others who knows how much I could give back!! So here we are…the idea was formed…to collect donations from clients and who ever else wants to contribute and give it to a specific person or group of people to help them with…LIFE. I named it The Morris, Harris, Dacey, Coleman Fund to honor the family names of just a few people who only knew me for literally a minute and decided to help me in huge ways. All of their incredible generosity (that until then I only saw in movies and stories about other people’s successes) has been a true blessing and let me know that good things CAN happen. I want to pass that knowing on to as many other people as possible…” -Khane

Thanks In Advance for Your Donations,
Khane Kutzwell & The CRKutz, Inc. Krew

THIS MONTH: November & December
* For the months of November & December our goal is to raise $800 to buy 210 Hygiene Kits to give away this Holiday Season to Men & Women in shelters around Brooklyn. You can DONATE here or on FaceBook. The Hygiene Kits include: Washcloth, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shave cream, deoderant, soap, toothbrush cap & shampoo.
* We are also collecting wrapped under garments & toiletries to create our own Hygiene Kits to go along with the ones we will buy. PLEASE bring by any amounts of various male &/or female toiletries & wrapped under garments to the shop any time and day.
Some examples of items to drop off are Maxi-pads, toothpaste, packaged underwear/socks/long johns/under shirts, shampoo/conditioner, soaps, shaving materials, nail polish & remover, perfumes, makeup, belts, lotions, deodorant, etc…

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If you would like to be a recipient or would like to recommend someone to receive one of our Givings contact us today with the name, description of need, email address and or phone number of the possible recipient. 

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2018 Givings

JULY Recipient: Derrick L. Middleton

"Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barbershop" is a short documentary directed by Derrick L. MIddleton. Set in Harlem the film sheds light on the sacred space the barbershop holds within the black community and the complex relationship that black gay men have with this space.
We raised money to help Derrick further this project. He has plans to expand on this documentary and create a new short about the plight of Gay Women in the Black Barbershop.


We had our First Annual Back Bag Giveaway. With your help we were able to collect a little over $1,000 to buy 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to give away to children living in shelters around Brooklyn.


We decided to give back to our clients in September as a Thank You for participating in our fund raisers and also to help them remember that Self Care is important…especially during Back to school season!! lol

OCTOBER Recipient:

A client lost special hearing aids that are not covered by insurance. We raised $400 so he could get a new pair.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: Men & Women in Brooklyn Shelters

* For the months of November & December we collected wrapped under garments & toiletries to create our own Hygiene Kits which we gave to various shelters around Brooklyn.

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