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"I Sell Self Esteem"

I took a local WIBO (Workshop In Business Opportunities) course when I decided to start this barbershop business. One of the early exercises toward developing our business' identity was for us to take turns saying what we sold...

I thought to myself, "I'm a barber...what the heck do I sell?!?!?" Thankfully I had about 10-12 other entrepreneurs before me. I continued thinking, "Ok...I sell hair grease, incense that I make, soaps, accessories...No, No, No!!...that doesn't say anything about barbering or what my business is really about!". I panicked!!...My turn was now 3 classmates away! I took a breath...relaxed...and thought about my clients...

I quickly visualized them coming in and sitting in my chair, then visualized their reactions after seeing their new kut...It's now my turn to speak and I GOT IT!!! "I Sell Self Esteem.", I said with pride. My instructor smiled, congratulating my answer. He said he had no idea what I could possibly say (LOL) and my classmates nodded their heads in agreement.

I will never forget that day. That answer has been one of the major driving forces for why it's important to me to provide extraordinary service and to constantly refine my skills.


"Khane is a really patient barber who works with clients to achieve a look that's stylish and manageable. Khane is very patient and not a diva. They encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone, and I was pleased with the outcome. I get a lot of compliments on my hair!"

- Kassia, satisfied client -

"My son and I had a great experience with Khane. She's thoughtful, courteous and a master at her craft. She's great with kids (particularly inquisitive 5 year olds) and very accommodating. We look forward to being regular clients."

- Christine & son, Emery, Satisfied Clients -

"Been going to Khane for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else in NYC for a haircut"   :)

- Kayla Galaway, satisfied client -

"Khane is very professional & down to earth. I love the intimate setting at her shop , it feels like I have a personal barber. Her Master Barber skills are shown in the way she finesses the clippers and straight razor that others don't use. I got a great haircut at a great value! "

- J.P Medina, satisfied client -