FA-kut-Q's | frequently asked kut questions

Q: Do you accept other forms of payment besides cash?

A: Yes. Along with CASH we also accept CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS. There is NO TAX FOR CASH. There is 4.5% service tax for kutz and 8.875% sales tax on products when using a CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. We also accept VENMO, CHASE QUICKPAY, PAYPAL, GOOGLE PAY or whatever other system each barber individually subscribes to. 

Q:Is tipping required?

A: Tipping is very much appreciated :D - but not mandatory. The amount is totally up to you. 

Q: Can I just walk in or do I need to make an appointment?

A: We work mainly by appointment to reduce the chance of clients having long wait times to get a kut. Walk-ins are still more than welcome to come by, but may end up not being seen until one of the barbers has a spot between scheduled clients. To keep the flow of clients going smoothly we just ask that when you have an appointment and will be late or need to cancel, that you text your barber as far in advance as possible so we can either free up the time for another person or alert the person after you that there will be a slight wait. 

Q: What do I do if I don't see my kut choice while booking?

A: You can book the closest choice to what you want and put a note on the appointment for your barber. You can also describe your desired kut at the appointment. Bringing pictures of what you want helps us out a lot.  *There is also a choice called "What Am I Doing For You Today" which adds 15 minutes to your appointment so you can explain the details of your kut. 

Q: What is the difference between a Fade and a Caesar hairkut?

A: A Caesar is when the hair is kut same length all around the head. This kut can be light to dark. It's often used when a person wants to get waves or just wants an easy to maintain kut. A Fade is when the hair is kut lower on the bottom and gradually gets darker as your barber reaches the top portion of your hair. There are many variations of fades: Low Fade, High Fade, Mid Fade, Shadow Fade, Bald Fade, Light Fade, Dark Fade, Drop Fade, etc. These variations can be combined. For example: A High, Bald Fade.



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