How is all of this possible?...Because of YOU! Because of you my goal is on its way to being met...and I am deeply grateful :D  -Khane

If you have been a client you are a contributor. If you have donated to a Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. fundraiser past or present, you are a contributor. If you have shared the fundraiser with anyone, shared the website, shared CRK social media pages, etc. you are a contributor. If you have referred CRK to anyone you are a contributor.


To my mother, Cheryl Lynette Morris. The one thing I NEVER heard my mother say was, "You can't". I was seriously trying to remember if she ever stopped me from doing or trying anything and I can say with full confidence that she never has. Even when I would do things for a week, a month etc lol...she never stopped me from trying the next thing, whatever that would be. I don't remember her ever getting angry about me moving on to something else, her anger would come only if I did not DO BETTER THAN MY BEST. From various musical instruments to dance, art, sports, businesses & performance...I was never told I could not do it, I could not succeed or I could not be the best...instead she would make sure I had whatever materials I needed and classes...she would offer suggestions for excelling, encouragement to keep going, & her time where ever possible.

Thanks Ma! Because of you I know about goals and how to keep pushing until they are achieved. Because of you I know what true support looks/feels like. Because of you I am strong enough and confident enough to push myself forward when faced with "no's" or perceived "road blocks". Finally and most importantly, because of you I don't believe anyone who tells me "I can't".

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to my closest friends that I've known for yeeeaaars lol. We have seen each other act crazy, get back sane, grow, rise, fall and rise again...and we STILL don't mind being around each other LOL!! -Jean Segarra, Kim Howard, Anais Taylor, yeah I'm talking about y'all! Thanks for being my sisters. Thanks for supporting me in my ventures over the years and in life in general.

Special Thanks to friends I've known for quite some time: Donna Hope, Jasmine Burnett, Shanequa Anderson, (and a few more I will add). Thanks for all of the conversations and for allowing me to sound off when things get tight, for telling me about myself when need be, for offering great advise when things get out of wack, for celebrating wins with me... and for reminding me to GO OUT AND HAVE FUN!! LOL!

Special Thanks to Owen Kellaway...what can I say about this guy?? Owen, you have been so dedicated to making sure the fundraising campaign would be as great as possible and I can't thank you enough. I'm used to doing things on my own and it was SO refreshing to have someone put in the type of energy you did. It was unexpected and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Thank You!

Thank You to Evelyn S. Oliver for also being there at the beginning of the Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign offering your time and services. Of Course...Special Thanks to EACH & EVERY ONE OF MY CLIENTS from my very first kut to now and into the future. Without you there would be no Camera Ready Kutz, Inc. Thanks for trusting me.

The Other Wonderful Contributors:

Aki Taniguchi - Alana Patrick Johnson - Alex Gombach - Alezasummit1 -  Alijahbeck - Amanda Liney - Amos Mac & Rocco Kayiatos of Original Plumbing Magazine - Amy Goldstein of Span Productions - BAASSIK, Guitarist - Bevin Branlandingham - Blueeyesoul of Ra Horakhty - Bklyn Boihood - Brooklyn.boy.finn - Bryn Kelly - Candace Williams - Caroline Corley - Cheryl Morris - Christina Fulmore - Cj Waterton - Curve Magazine - Deb Malkin - Debra A. Wilson, Director/Producer "Butch Mistique" - Depay.Ayesha - Dj D'hana Perry - Dj Risto - Dj Zena - Donna Hope - Drew - Dr Monique Mayo of Mayo Chiropractic - Eamangin - Ebony Smith, Singer/Musician - Elisa Holland - Elsa Just Elsa, Comedian - Emerson Des Brisbon - Essence Revealed, Performer - Gabriel Martinez - Harlan Kellaway - Hollisglaser - Holly Mitchell - Hudson George Krakowski - Jasmine Burnett of Aunt Betty's Basement - Jay Toole - Jay'Lin Nasir Thomas - Jessica M. Moye - Jessica White - Kai Wright - Karma - Keetha Glitz - Kelli Dunham, Performer - Khi Armand - Kimberley Mcleod - Lindsey Nolan - Louloumontreal - Maleka Diggs - Marseau Malik - Marvin & Shelley Kendall - Mary Catherine Mychajlowycz - Mellonseed - Mercedes Matilda - Missfit Williams - Moe Alana - Nicole.Giannone - Nikkie McLeod, Drummer - Nina & OC - Noraolsen - Rebeccalyn Mir Bilodeau - Ronn Taylor - Sarah Gillis - Sharon Hoyt - Sheila Akbar, Owner Bed-Stuy Fresh & Local - Sidra Greene - Stacey Quintessential Poet Martin - Suzanne Abramson - Tamika Jackson - Tanya Payne - Victoria Privates - WOW Cafe/Theater

NOTE: If your name is not listed and you are a contributor, I apologize. Don't be shy to text & let me know. OR: If you are listed as an email or other alias, it's because it's all I had. Feel free to text me your full name and I will make the switch. 347.349.Kutz (5889)


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